New Hairs & New Booties...

... that's all it takes for us girls to feel good, right?!

We're still figuring out little Lou's style.  I think I like the dark brown mohair wig and blue eyes but I still don't get it why most of the 'wig makers' put such a big amount of hair on such a teeny tiny wig. 



Hats for Flickr friend's Nappies.

 Baby Blues

 Strawberry Icecream


Candy Floss




Little Lou.

Meet the new kid!
She's a Gloomy Garden Belle and her name is Louise... but she says we can call her Lou.  She looks so sad, but I think she's super cute in her Mimi's Stuff outfit. :)

Mina wants to say 'hi' too.  She got new bright green shoes today and she wants to show them.
I changed her black wig to a white one.  It's a CanCan wig which I cut.( It's mostly covered by her hat, though.) I wanted her to have a 'ratty' hairdo and I think I got that right.  In fact... if I'd tried to cut it nice and neat, it would have been 'ratty' too because I s*ck at cutting hair. ;-)



I'm SO happy...

All things are possible!  

I found a Lati White SP Gloomy Garden Tan Belle!  A lovely Dollie friend let me adopt her little one.  Thank you so much, I feel so lucky!

Happy Dolly Day to me, YAY!!!!

Can't wait to meet her :))))



More tiny little critters?!

Yesterday Caroline sent me a few progress pictures from my newest PukiPuki(s).  I'm totally smitten with them, they are the prettiest Ruby(s) in the whole world.  
I'm so happy and they aren't even done yet.  Caroline is such a wonderful artist!  I always give her artistic freedom and everytime she does an amazing job.

Aren't they just adoooooorable! :)