Shop update...

Everything GONE!
Thank you so much!

... sunday may 6th.
I will have OhDeer sets for Enyo... preview here.

There will be some 'original' Bug Hats at $10; 'original' meaning the first 'batch' helmets for Enyo I made ;-)

I also have a few OhDeer Helmets for Blythe Gals, and some Baldie Helmets for our teeny tinies. 

 ... and more...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on Flickr, through email or Etsy!  It's so much appreciated!!!



Eeeeps, I didn't even try it untill someone asked... 

Lati Yellow in OhDeer Helmet and Poofy Pants for Enyo.

How cute is that!?  The strap is a little big but I can fix that.  All the sets are done and I obviously made them all to fit Enyo.  When I list them on Etsy (soon) and you want to purchase one for your LatiY, sent me a message and I will alter the strap, it has to be shortened a little.  Unless you like it to hang a little loose, which is cute too... LOOKIT! :)
(If you put a Tee under it, I think you might need the 'length' of the strap too)


Baldie Helmets!!

Cute Helmets for our Tiny Baldies.  They will fit bald Pukies & Lati Whites :)

Made in a high quality Alpaca wool, they don't stretch too much so they will not fit if your little one is wearing a wig.

Hot Pink

Bright Red 

Duck Egg Blue 

Forest Green 


Rusty Orange/Brown 

Grayish Blue 

Red (this one came out very bright but it's 'true' red.)