About my Sewing...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kindness and nice comments on my sewing. It means a lot and it's highly appreciated.  Unfortunatly I can't take commissions because I handstitch everything and I have to sew when I have 'good hand days'.  I suffer from CTS - in the meantime I had surgery on my right hand and that's already much better but I have to have my left hand done too and there are days I can't even peel a potato, so commissions would have to lay in a corner and wait 'till whenever the pain is more or less gone.

Also people ask me to do Lati/Pukifee size stuff, but I think there are so many lovely and talented seamstresses who create such wonderful things in this size, so I will pass on those.
I sew because I'm enjoying it very much, it relaxes me and your positive feedback makes me feel grateful. 

Again, thank you so much!


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