Looking for a loving home...

Gloomy Garden Belle is adopted, thank you so much!!!

Latidoll LatiWhite SP Gloomy Garden Tan Belle (Tanned)


Looking for a new home.....




Long lost love...

I picked up one of my favourite things to do.  I learned to do needlework wayyyyyyyy back in the middle ages, I think I must have been barely 5 years old when my gran gave me a piece of fabric, a needle and some wonderful bright colours of floss.  She drew some flowers, petals and a bow on a piece of muslin and told me to 'go ahead and try'.  I loved to work with fabrics and threads and that never changed.  Over the years I did all kinds of needlework, patchwork... I did needlefelting, I knitted and did crochet, sewed 'human' clothes, doll clothes... and so on.  

The past few days I did this lovely little Stumpwork, designed by Jan Kerton (it's a freebie) and I mounted it on a lovely Pin Box by Maison Sajou.  



Long time no Blog...

It might seem like I'm 'done' with dollies, but I'm REALLYnot.  I'm enjoying dollies, I'm enjoying my dollie friends, and my dollie friend's dollies, I'm even enjoying my enemy's dollies. 

I'm not sewing or doing crochet at this moment.  I've lost my mojo and sometimes it's too uncomfortable to do tiny sewing movements anyway... but I'm planning to make some doll related 'stuffs' in the near future. 

BUT... I'm waiting for some new girls: 

- Mouse by Lidia Snul -  bjtales.
- Fidelia II and Fidelina by Charles Stephan, and
- Hope, one of the Sprockets by Connie Lowe - Marbled Halls (I hope to get some of the other Sprockets as well.  I missed on Meek and Glum)

AND...  as always I also have a wishlist for some 'oldies'.  One of them is a NariPon Pansy.  A year ago I ordered one from NotDoll and they took a run with my money and dissapeared from the planet.  Such a shame, back in the days NotDoll was a well known company with fine quality dolls an excellent customers service... sadly they turned into scammers overnight. 

Wishing all my dollie friends a wonderful summer and lots of joy!