OhDeer Helmets & Poofy Pants...

...  handsewn pants and crochet helmet for
The Bugs.

I made these sets to celebrate the upcoming arrival of 'your' Bug(s). :)

More sets to come -also bright colours- and soon on the E-place.

Poofy Pants are handsewn in high quality cotton fabric (Liberty of London).  Helmets are done in Egyptian shiny Cotton and have handsculpted polymere antlers, chinstrap with loop and bead for closure.

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Thanks for looking! 


Poofy Pants...

... and Helmets... none of these are 'finished'... I have to add 'stuff' to create the final 'look' but most of the work is done.  These are made for the Bugs and their siblings and I will put up lots of bright colours and some subtile colours too. :)
I will post more pictures and details soon.
My hand and wrist are much better. Still a little stiff and some movements are more difficult than others but overall I'm happy.  I can sew again... I can do most of my work in the house... the wound is ALMOST healed and the numbness and tingling are COMPLETELY gone... 
Life is good!

If you'd like to receive news about details for shop updates, send me your email adress and I will add you to my little mailing list.


Liberty of London & Pretty shiny cotton thread.

It's still too soon to sew, but... I can crochet! I CAN CROCHET!!!!
I can't find the right words to explain how happy I am to be able to hold my crochet hook without much pain. And the numbness and tingling is gone.  My hand and wrist is still a little stiff and sometimes I feel a little pain from the wound itself because it's not 100% healed yet.  But the future is looking good, YAY!

I made some helmets... it's going to be a 'new look' and I already picked some pretty Liberty fabrics to make something to go with the helmets.  I made a new pattern, so I'm ready to get started! 
I only have to find my big old bag of patience... I know I have it lying around... somewhere.