Dark Night Mystic Vampire Lami FA

Painted by Haru
I will include the lovely HQ glass eyes


Shipping by registered priority airmail included, unless you want the HUGE and heavy Lati box.  In that case please add $35.  I'm very sorry but shippingcost from Belgium is very high. I'm eating a part of it anyway.


some more pictures here:



Looking to adopt....

Totally out of the blue...  the desire to adopt these girls pops into my head.  Yet another little one that seems impossible to find... a Lati White SP TAN Belle.  Any... custom face, factory face...

I can pay well and I can trade my Volks dolls.  I have YOSD 1st edition Suzuna, Yuki on a girl body with a wonderful custom face up by Parannoiadoll.  I'd trade my MSD fcs 04-06-16....
I also have a few 'old neglected' Blythes I could trade; Fruit Punch, Love Mission, Rosebud, V-Smash custom.
In need of 16MM Zoukeimura eyes?! I have two pair available...

I also would like to adopt a Lati White Belle... Basic.  No clue where that comes from... I'm aware those little critters are almost impossible to dress nicely, it seems no one is making pretty, good quality clothes for Basics, but I feel I could use one in my doll family.  So... if you are thinking of rehoming your little one... please let me know.  Again... any... BUT at a reasonable price please, otherwise I'll wait for Latidoll to re-release them.

Thank you so much for looking! :)



And then.... Suddenly....

... When I was sure it would never happen. It DID happen! I've found my Grail Dollie! Now a long wait, she couldn't have been more far away, and she will probably held hostage by customs... I will have to pay fees for sure. But she's coming HOME! YAY, sweet Mystic Bayer :)

Okay, NEXT! Just kidding... First I will have to let my arm and leg grow back.



Happy Bunny Day.

Satine arrived this morning!  YAY! She's totally super duper cute, I love her!

I wish she had bodyblush or/and manicure and pedicure! :)


First one.

This little one will be the first one in 2012 to come to live with us. It's a PiPos limited Rooney girl.  She should arrive some time next week, YAY!

I really couldn't help it... it seems I catched a Bunny virus.


Out in the open. (Edit: FOUND!!! Thank you! :))

I was always a little embarrased to ask for, because it seems 'the whole dollieworld' is looking for her... but.....

Thanks for looking!


My dollie wishlist for 2012

I think I'm not greedy, and my wishlist isn't too long... but two out of my three wishes will be quite impossible to find. I SO would like a LatiWhite Mystic Bayer... any... but if she was on a Puki Body, that would be a dollie dream come true... And another ChocoPuki. A Lily or a Rose would be wonderful. Or... if Fairyland would release other molds ChocoPukis, that would be great too.

I recently fell in love with ElfinDoll Bunny... I don't know why, I never was into bunnies, but it was instant magic. SOoooo... I ordered one today, YAY! It will take about 30 days but I learned to be patient over the years ;-)

My dollie wish is fulfilled for one third, whoot! <3

(pictures are obviously not mine, please let me know if you are uncomfortable with me using your lovey photos)

Puki Play Time!

Pictures were taken with artificial light with my iPad, sorry for the quality but we have very dark days and terrible weather, so outside pictures are not possible at this moment.  I'm already looking forward to spring! ;)