Wrap & Rumble!

I only have to wrap these and print Thank you-cards and then they are ready to go to Etsy.  Maybe tomorrow :)

Wrap & Rumble


Pink? Where!?

Fred, modeling a bright Pink set with a Fluffy Ear Hat.

I have to do a few stitches here and there and get some materials for packaging before these sets go on Etsy.



It's a Shershe Thing.

Actually, A BUNCH of Shershe Things for a home coming little Buu.
I can't believe how pretty the knitted dresses and onesie are, and the little pompoms are impeccable.  I'm so lucky I had such a wonderful trade with such a nice talented lady.

Thank you so much Sherri!



Imogen showing Mushrooms&Dots

Pompom ears. 
I did a few not-so-crazy sets, but I keep coming back to color chaos. =)



Dress set for a trade ~ Fred is modeling.

I'm not telling yet who my trade partner is and what I traded for, I'll give all the details later, gahgahgah!!  But I'm VERY happy with this trade. 

 BONUS: 2 pairs of stripy stockings. :)

A girl never can have enough stockings!


Agnes ~ Hat 'n Roses.

click on pic for details



Fred, Flowers & Butterflies

She doesn't look too happy in it. 

click on pic to enlarge

Crazy Jeabra Hat

I made this Crazy Jeabra Hat for a trade with Lovalizious , a wonderful seamstress and a fellow Flickr'ess. :)

Hope you like it, L! (If you don't mind a liiiittle bulk on top, you can use it in reverse too)



Did you ever die from 'the cute'?!

I 'met' this nice lady Shell - ElfinHugs on Flickr, she does the most amazing face ups and I've been admiring her beautiful pictures for a while. Seems she liked my sewing and we did a trade for one of her Bundle Babies, she creates. The little one arrived today, it's the most adorable thing EVER and I almost died from 'the cute'.  Thank you SO much Shell, you did a wonderful job and - although you can't really tell - Frankie is the most happy mom on earth.

Click on pics for details


What's the matter with online shops!

You order some fabrics on august 4th. You pay immediatly and you wait. On august 16th. (!!!! that's 12 days later, right?) they send you an email stating they don't have 1 of the ordered items in stock and not going to restock it. What would you like to do, order something else or receive a coupon for a future order?!  

What future order? Are they serious?!

Stuff for Secretdoll Person on Etsy tonight.

Thanks for looking!