Dress set for a trade ~ Fred is modeling.

I'm not telling yet who my trade partner is and what I traded for, I'll give all the details later, gahgahgah!!  But I'm VERY happy with this trade. 

 BONUS: 2 pairs of stripy stockings. :)

A girl never can have enough stockings!


  1. Your clothes are the cutest!! I am stalking your etsy everyday lol. Do you know when you will put up more sets for sale?

  2. Soon! :)
    I'm working on just one more set and I will post a preview picture here and on Flickr the day I'll list them on Etsy.
    Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like my sewing!

  3. Cool I'll keep stalking then ;D I ordered a Secretdoll person 04 and she is due to ship on the 10th September so I am trying to get a little wardrobe together for her :o)

  4. Exciting!! Cngrats, she's already spoiled!

    I'm sure you'll love her, they are so different from other bjds and their resin is just wonderful. There should be more 04 around, they have such an attitude. :)