Wants to travel:

She has found a new home, thank you!!!!

Person 21 with GORGEOUS custom face by Viridian House's Caroline.


More pics on Flickr
(She's the dark 21 girl)

I will include the pretty glass eyes she's wearing in the pictures. I didn't care for the default paper clay eyes and I got rid of them. I also include the dark Monique Gold Jojo wig. She'll come in her default box with cushions and COA.

Worldwide registered priority airmail with tracking. 
NL, FR, DE: $32
Anywhere else in Europe: $40
Worldwide: $60

I can take Bank Wire from European buyers.



Feeler = Tan Enyo

It looks like the little Bug has found a loving home! Thank you so much!! =:)

It seems I can't get used to this little one.  But I'm not too sure if I can let it go either.  

It's a beautiful Bug, Laura painted it and she has done a great job -she forgot the little heart on the forehead, though.

I took it out of it's box just this once, put the eyes in, dressed it, took a few pictures... undressed it and put it back in the box.  It's been a few weeks ago now.  I feel guilty for keeping it as so many people want a little tan Bug so much.  

What to do!?

If you could give it a loving home... you can email me with your offer.  Please use the 'write me' -button for your privacy. 



June Shop Update.

Sunday, June 3rd. at 16.00h DST. Please check your local time HERE

There will be OhDeer sets for Enyo/LatiY and OhDeer Blythe Helmets.

I also have 'new' Bug Hats, they are the 2nd edition ;-) and have a chin strap instead of two tie straps.
In fact, I have one Bug Hat 1st. ed. left that I forgot to put up in the May update, that will go on sale!

Thank you so much again for your wonderfull feedback on Etsy, Flickr and email. I always enjoy making little stuffs but your wonderfull feedback warms my heart!  I will continue sewing and do crochet as long as I can!

Thank you!!!

(If you would like to be notified for future updates I can add you to my little mailing list. For your privacy; please use the Write Me button)


.... and more! ;-)