* Estonia ;)

Thanks for looking :)
Isn't she just the happiest little camper, EVER!? :)
OmNom's outfit by icantdance.

Butterflies ' Roses Pixie Collection ~ Frankie



More sets for a little Etsy update.... soon.

LadyBug Pixie

Some Pink and a Zebra Print

A Zebra Print and Some Pink

I will probably do an update this weekend.  More detailed info to come.



Miu Miu & Ling Ling

I love these girls.  Miu Miu is my first tan doll.  I never was into tan and I might not buy a tan doll again, but I LOVE this little one.  Ling Ling is the same mold, in normal skin. I adore them both. :)


LadyBug Pixie

The weather was really bad so I will take better pictures when there's descent daylight.


Aqua Pixie

Marilla is showing her last dress set... for a while... I sent her to Pinktezka for a spa.  Have a great time in Scotland, Marilla! :)



Frankie is a Purple Pixie.

It still amazes me that people love my sewing so much. (thank you for that) I was afraid this set was TOO purple, but obviously purple is a good thing. 

Of course Frankie is working it, as usual. :)


Fred in a Crazy Zebra Hat Dress Set.

Whatever I put her in... Fred doesn't seem the happiest camper.  This girl has a personality and an attitude of her own. :)

I love Fred! 


Etsy tonight.

All Gone!
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and support!

I will do a little shop update tonight about 8 pm. CEST

Thank you so much for your support. :)

Marilla ~ Pixie Hat and Ladybugs.



Flowers&Stripes sets ~ Agnes & Marilla

I traded a Lati Belle for Marilla, she was Muffin from scrapfreakgirl. Every time I saw pictures of 'Muffin' with blond hair I thought I'd try blond on Agnes, but it never worked. I knew Agnes wasn't meant to be blond and thought it was strange, knowing Agnes and 'Muffin' are the same sculpts and are so different.
Now I know why.  Look at their skintones, Marilla is a little older and has a lovely 'normal' skin, Agnes has a beautiful pale skintone.  I love them both. :)



She's a Lati White Special, basic Belle with a beautiful face up by Point One Aesthetics. Brandnew, straight from Latidoll to the make up artist and back in her box.
Comes with default Lati stuff.

click on pic to enlarge



Twins ~ Imogen & Frankie

Funny how two of the same sculpts can look so different.  Frankie is a Basic 08 and Imogen is a Limited 08.  I love them equal. :)



Frankie ~ Fuzzy Ears, Stripes and a Croko.

Click on picture to enlarge for details

Pink for L.

Click on pic to enlarge to see details



Wants to travel to anywhere in the world.

Traded! Thank you :)

Thanks for looking!

Ling Ling

I changed Ling Ling's hair to black.  I'm not sure, I think I like her more in pale blond. But she's cute anyway. :))

Heh! Did you just show my Rhumba panties? :o

I really like this girl... A LOT!



Click on pic for details

Behind the scenes =:)



This afternoon on Etsy.

I will list these on Etsy in the late afternoon, about 4pm CEST :)

Thank you for your kindness and nice comments on my sewing. It means a lot and it's highly appreciated.  Unfortunatly I can't take commissions because I handstitch everything and I have to sew when I have 'good hand days'.  I suffer from CTS and there are days I can't even peel a potato, so commissions would have to lay in a corner and wait 'till whenever the pain is more or less gone. 

Also people ask me to do Lati/Pukifee size stuff, but I think there are so many lovely and talented seamstresses who create such wonderful things in this size, so I will pass on those too.   

I sew because I'm enjoying it very much, it relaxes me and your positive feedback makes me feel grateful. 

Again, thank you so much!

Edit: all sets gone.  Thank you so much for your purchase. :)


Pixie Girl.

Another new girl, she has no name yet.... and that's not a good sign.  She's pretty and cute, has a beautiful face up by Point One Aesthetics. She's a Lati Yellow Belle in whiteskin. Considering she's a Lati, she poses fairly good. But... I don't feel the luvvvv.
I might put her up for adoption.


Ling Ling, the new kid on the block.

Ling Ling arrived this morning all the way from Hong Kong.  She's such an amazing sculpt, I was admiring owner pics for a while and thought she is beautiful. So different from other bjd, and that's what I like.  Different. 

Her resin is wonderful, she holds poses like no one, the wig and eyes she came with are just perfect and her face up is impeccable and cute. I love this girl, I really really do.