Auntie Carla is Da Best!

Look what the mailman brought!!!  A wonderful outfit by the talented Carla Benham which was a giveaway and.... I WON!!!!  I WON!!!  
I still can't believe it.  
It's SO beautiful and well made.  In the past I tried so many times to buy some of Carla's amazing clothes but never was lucky, and now I WON this little dress and stockings. 
  I hope to be lucky in the future and score some more sets for my little ones. 
Thank you so much Carla and I wish you a full recovery! 

Little BonBon is the lucky one, she got the dress and stockings and I made a 'Baldie' helmet and leg warmers to match. :)

How cute is she!?!

And suddenly... just when I snapped the camera button... she toppled over.  I didn't know I could catch something that fast. Phew....



Bug Gerhls.

We had hail today. In a matter of minutes there was a giant carpet of hailstones outside.  And as if that wasn't enough, there was thunder and lightening too.  SO loud and heavy... one of my dogs was so scared, he was trembling the whole time and if he could (he ate too much doggy biscuits) he would have hidden under a closet.

So.... I took some pictures inside of my Bug Gerhls.  They decided to be girls for today. :)
The quality of the picture s*cks, but the Bugs are still TOO cute.



Look what happened.

You adopt a Pong, because you need a tad of happiness as a balance for all the grumpyness in your doll family.  You close your eyes for JUST a moment... and... look what happens. She invites her friends!!!!

BonBon(ChocoPuki Piki), Missy(Puki Lily) OmNom(Puki Pong) and Kizzy(sleeping Lily)

While I was taking this picture, my postman delivered another one, YAY!  This time I ordered directly from Fairyland on october 22nd, and she's already here.  Now I have to find someone to paint her and her sleeping face. :)

The pain is a little less, but still there.  I tried to sew a little but as I also suffer from CTS, I couldn't hold the needle, it's just too thin to hold. But I made a few Baldie Helmets, I can handle an ergonomic crochet hook for about 10 minutes.  Better than nothing!



No dollies today.

I'm still in pain.  The 'take a long rest, keep it warm, take a sauna and a massage and LOTS of pain relief-thing' doesn't help.  So I have to go back to the hospital to let them do more tests.  I can't believe I'm in so much pain because of a muscle inflammation only. 

I have lots of time to surf and as I'm getting a new cooker I thought the time was right to buy a stand mixer.  I'm a Kitchenaid girl so it was quite easy to choose a model and as I love bright colours I'm getting Raspberry Icecream.  Sounds yummy and looks pretty.
I'm also getting the meat grinder/mincer, the slicer/shredder, the fruit & vegetable strainer, the pasta roller set and the icecream bowl attachment.  
And to spice it all up a bit I ordered a fancy Peugeot pepper mill, the Paris black lacquered in 40 cm. :o 

So in the future I might also blog about 'food'. :)


Mouse, the White by Lidia Snul

On tuesday morning my husband brought me to the ER.  I had no sleep in a week because of the pain in my neck, shoulder and right arm.  I've obviously overdone with sewing and crocheting, I took several pain killers but the pain kept increasing and on tuesday morning I just couldn't take it anymore and broke down in tears.  As my doctor was not available my husband insisted we went to the ER.  After an MRI, an echo and an X-ray, they gave me some strong pain relievers and a muscle relaxant. I have to keep it all warm, have a rest and take the medicin.   I'm all wuzy from the pain killers.  I'm not permitted to drive, so I'm basicly glued to my couch and watch TV and surf on the internet.

To make things worse, my cooker gave up... we ordered a new one but we have to wait for about 10 days for it.  I'm used to cook diner every day, I often bake cakes or pan cakes, pies or cupcakes, lovely creme brulees... and so on... so you can imagine how I feel. 

But... on a positive note,  I treated myself with this:

She's Lidia Snul's creation; Mouse, the White (in resin) and it's obviously not my picture
I'm a little bit sad because she's available only through jpopdolls.net, in the US and clearly I will have to dig up an amount of money to pay for custom fees and import taxes.  I wish Lidia would have thought of her European fans. 
But I'm over the moon anyway :)



I did it again...

Guess who's coming to live with us...


Agnes & Marilla, the 21 Twins.

I made these to replace 2 sets of the october 2nd shop update, that were possible LIA.  This is the first time in 10 years of sending parcels to everywhere in the world, that something is missing.  The sets might still show up but to keep my highly appreciated and respected customers happy is rule number 1 in my book.  So I hope these will do. :)

Marilla and Agnes were happy to model the sets. I think. ;)



Dear Deer Helmet for a P-Girl. (For L&L)

Despite I'm in pain due to 'overdoing it' the last few days, I can't help it... I can not just sit there and do 'nothing'.  So... a certain little girl requested her own Dear Deer Helmet and I couldn't let her down, could I.




Recently I've bought a bunch of Puki wigs.  All trial and errors.  I think I bought 5 or 6 wigs to throw in the bin, and I'm not kidding.  I can't believe people keep selling wigs that are useless and there's no one complaining about it in the open.  Most of those bin-wigs I bought on the *Bay.  The pictures 'they' are using are cute, the wigs on de dolls look fine... but if you try them on YOUR doll, -that happens to be the same doll they are using in their auction pictures- it's a totally different thing. Plain crap, pardon my french. You might as well throw your money in the bin and save all the trouble.

On a more positive note... I've managed to buy 5 excellent, beautiful, cute little Puki wigs, secondhand from Flickr members. YAY!  Really good quality and pretty little wigs with an excellent fit, so I'm happy. But. Oh dear... here's a but.  I love my Pukis BALD in their little crochet hats or with a headband. I wrote it before... I'm crazy, I really am. But who could resist this cute little baldie. Right! No question mark.



Etsy, on Sunday november 6th

All gone!

Thank you so much!  

At 8pm CET

check your local time here

Full sets for Enyo
Full sets for P-girls
Bug Hats for Enyo = all details about the hats in this BlogPost
PukiPuki Hats (for baldies, these don't fit your Puki if she/he wears a wig)

Thank you! 


Bug Hats Galore!

These Bug Hats will go on Etsy on sunday november 6th at 8pm CET.
Please check your local time here

All hats are the same, the same pattern, the same amount of tiny stitches, the same quality of cotton thread, they each have a tiny heart shaped button.

See second picture mosaïc, it's the same apple green hat in each shot:
you can pull it tighter over the ears, tie it in front, tie it in the back, manipulate the little antennas... and so on.  So... all different looks depending on how you use it.

One hat, so many different looks. 

Eh... okay Frankie, we all got it, thank you. :o

Bug Hat Caterpillar. ;-)


Sleeping Chocolat Beauty.

Look what Santa brought! 
 (I always call our postman Santa, unless he stuffs up my mailbox with bills.  You don't want to know what I call him then)

I absolutely love this little one.  I noticed Piki is the unpopular one, but she's the one I like the most, second choice has to be Lily.

 Here's BonBon!




Doll Diet.

Oh dear my, I was supposed to be on a six month doll diet and I just sold an arm and a leg to get....

I'm going nuts, I don't even like tan... but but but... this isn't tan, no it isn't... it's CHOCO skin. 

No kidding, I'm totally not into tan...of course there's MiuMiu, she's a Muculdoll Buu and I absolutely adore her, but she's also a 'chocoskin'.  BIG difference.... B I G difference... and if I chant this long enough I'm starting to believe it. 

Anyhooooooo.... this little one is coming home and I hope her little Fairyland Family, OmNom and Perlita are going to love her too. 

I'm crazy. 


Making Friends ~ Bug Hat 'N Roses.

OmNom and Perlita making friends with Bug.  These happy wee little ones just LOVE everyone and Bug is very nice with them. 



For S.

Some quick pictures for reference.  I think they look cute together, no?! =:3



Something very strange is going on.  I'd planned my bugs to be girls.  I bought them each 2 wigs, a bunch of shoes and I was planning on sewing girly girl clothes for them.  Now here's this weird thing; for some odd reason I simply can not put a wig on them, it's just not right to me.  I see owner pictures on Flickr of sweet Enyo girls with pink wigs and whatnot... and they are beautiful and cute... but my little critters won't let me transform them into either girls.... nor boys.

 They are beautiful and cute and adorable and amazing little... bugs. And they don't want hair at this moment.  For the very same reason I can not picture them with shoes,  I didn't even try to put shoes on, I just can't.  They are satisfied with their Poofy Rompers, their Bug Hats and of course Sloppy Socks to keep their little toes warm, NO shoes wanted and certainly not girly girl frilly clothes! :o

And what a Bug wants, a Bug gets.


Thank you all SO much for your requests for Enyo clothes.  Your warm comments and support is very much appreciated, it's amazing that so many people like my sewing so much. 
I'm sewing when and what I can, I stitch everything by hand, so it takes some time to finish a set. (and I have to sew for P-dollies too, I can't just ignore them ;-)  )

So, please read my 'about my sewing' page and know that I'm really enjoying my sewing and I will go on as long as I'm able to.

Mini shop update will be in a week or so... (depending... you know) I will have some sets for P-girls and for 'Da Bugs.  

Again, I can't write it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you! =:3




Bugs in da House.

So.... yesterday I received these amazing little Enyo bugs. Let me start with the boxes they came in. I never saw them so beautiful, there was a lot of love and effort involved to create such pretty boxes, same goes for the cushions. Well done, Laura.

These little critters are super cute, their skintones are both beautiful, the white skin isn't too white and the fresh skin is very pale which I'm pleased with also.  The face ups are pretty, executed well, but very basic.  It's a pitty their ears weren't touched with a little colour.  I really thought they came with eyes, but well... I thought wrong.  On the one hand... it would be nice if there were eyes included in the price, on the other hand: if there were acrlylics involved I would have replaced them anyway.

The headcaps are possibly improved, because the first release had headcaps that were loose on the little heads and had to be attached with tape.  This time the headcaps stay on without help, you have to slide them in place.  What really bothers me is that the little ones are VERY floppy, but really really loose strung and a very thin elastic was used, I think for the amount of money they cost, they should have been strung better, came with eyes and a less basic face up.

But 'that said' and in general these dolls are beautiful, they have the most cute faces I've seen in a long long time. I ADORE them.


GiveAway ~ for P-girls ~~~Finished, thanks!

Thanks for playing, winner is #2, see printscreen below.  Stay tuned and come play again, I'll do another give away in a few weeks for Enyo or Person... winner can choose.


Everyone can play, but this giveaway is for P-dollies only.  I can not garantee it will fit for other dolls.  I know head gear for Persons is YOSD sized, but will there be a hat in this giveaway?  It will be a surprise, so.... come play and see. :)

As I said, everyone can join but it would be nice to see a picture of your doll in 'what you will get', so if you only have SD or Blythe dollies, that's cool too, but this giveaway will be useless and dissapointing for you and your doll.

All you have to do is leave a comment here and don't forget to add your email address.  I will use a generator to pick a winner and you can play till saturday, october 29th, 20.00 pm CEST
check your time here

Thanks for playing! :)

(this is only an announcement pic)
No need to feel guilty, ashamed... greedy or whatnot... if you've played and won before.  If I win some bucks with the weekly lottery, I'm playing again the next week too! :)


1 - Sharon
2 - Shershe
3 - Agnes
4 - samson
5 - oolookitty
6 - DarkStar
7 - Vainilladolly
8 - Nicola
9 - Angie
10 - Ann
11 - Pushindazees

And the winner izzzzzzzzz!!!!! Number 2 - Shershe


Agnes, back from the Spa.

Yesterday Agnes came back from the spa.  I sent her to Viridian House's Caroline in the UK.  I had very few requests; make Agnes sweet and innocent and I like lots of blush.  I gave Caroline artistic freedom and she did a WONDERFUL job.  I'm totally in awe with my girl and I'm SO happy she still IS Agnes.  

Next on the list for a new face is Fred.  I'm sending her for a travel on tuesday and I hope she's going to keep her grumpyness and typical 04 attitude. 

Caroline provided me lots of pictures from every step of her work and below are 2 of them.  



Part of the P-Gang.

Part of the P-Gang. by LoveOnTheRox!
Part of the P-Gang., a photo by LoveOnTheRox! on Flickr.
Imogen, Bobbi, Frankie & Fred, still waiting for Agnes and Marilla who are about to come home from their spa. I sent Agnes to Caroline from Viridian House and Marilla went to Lana from Sugar&Spice. Can't wait to have them back. :)