Bug Hats Galore!

These Bug Hats will go on Etsy on sunday november 6th at 8pm CET.
Please check your local time here

All hats are the same, the same pattern, the same amount of tiny stitches, the same quality of cotton thread, they each have a tiny heart shaped button.

See second picture mosaïc, it's the same apple green hat in each shot:
you can pull it tighter over the ears, tie it in front, tie it in the back, manipulate the little antennas... and so on.  So... all different looks depending on how you use it.

One hat, so many different looks. 

Eh... okay Frankie, we all got it, thank you. :o

Bug Hat Caterpillar. ;-)


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  1. Oh these are so fun! I would love to buy one for my little Bea :)