No dollies today.

I'm still in pain.  The 'take a long rest, keep it warm, take a sauna and a massage and LOTS of pain relief-thing' doesn't help.  So I have to go back to the hospital to let them do more tests.  I can't believe I'm in so much pain because of a muscle inflammation only. 

I have lots of time to surf and as I'm getting a new cooker I thought the time was right to buy a stand mixer.  I'm a Kitchenaid girl so it was quite easy to choose a model and as I love bright colours I'm getting Raspberry Icecream.  Sounds yummy and looks pretty.
I'm also getting the meat grinder/mincer, the slicer/shredder, the fruit & vegetable strainer, the pasta roller set and the icecream bowl attachment.  
And to spice it all up a bit I ordered a fancy Peugeot pepper mill, the Paris black lacquered in 40 cm. :o 

So in the future I might also blog about 'food'. :)


  1. Sorry to hear that you're still in pain Ona.
    I'm not so sure that this surfing is doing your wallet a whole lot of good though!! But you've made some lovely purchases, that mixer is a wonderful colour!
    I hope your next trip to the hospital brings you more relief.
    Big hugs
    Sharon xx

  2. Thank you Sharon, you are to kind! And of course you are right, I think I'm broke but hey... in a few days I can bake and cook and keep my family happy with food. At least I'm not gambling online, LOL!

  3. Ona - TiGGy has her Healing Crystal Fired Up and is sending Fairy Healing Dusties your way to help you feel BetterMost SoonZ!

    She is pretty knocked out by your StYlin new Mixer - Gorgeous!

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  5. Oh thank you Tiggy!!! That's just what I need, a Healing Crystal, I can't thank you enough! :)