Mouse, the White by Lidia Snul

On tuesday morning my husband brought me to the ER.  I had no sleep in a week because of the pain in my neck, shoulder and right arm.  I've obviously overdone with sewing and crocheting, I took several pain killers but the pain kept increasing and on tuesday morning I just couldn't take it anymore and broke down in tears.  As my doctor was not available my husband insisted we went to the ER.  After an MRI, an echo and an X-ray, they gave me some strong pain relievers and a muscle relaxant. I have to keep it all warm, have a rest and take the medicin.   I'm all wuzy from the pain killers.  I'm not permitted to drive, so I'm basicly glued to my couch and watch TV and surf on the internet.

To make things worse, my cooker gave up... we ordered a new one but we have to wait for about 10 days for it.  I'm used to cook diner every day, I often bake cakes or pan cakes, pies or cupcakes, lovely creme brulees... and so on... so you can imagine how I feel. 

But... on a positive note,  I treated myself with this:

She's Lidia Snul's creation; Mouse, the White (in resin) and it's obviously not my picture
I'm a little bit sad because she's available only through jpopdolls.net, in the US and clearly I will have to dig up an amount of money to pay for custom fees and import taxes.  I wish Lidia would have thought of her European fans. 
But I'm over the moon anyway :)

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  1. Ona, I just read this and am so sorry to hear about your pain, I do so hope that by now you're feeling better.
    That little Mouse is very cute, she reminds me of my cousin....although I have to say that my cousin doesn't have those ears or a tail (as far as I know!)!!!! Anyway, I hope she will make you feel better!
    Sending big hugs
    Sharon xx