Auntie Carla is Da Best!

Look what the mailman brought!!!  A wonderful outfit by the talented Carla Benham which was a giveaway and.... I WON!!!!  I WON!!!  
I still can't believe it.  
It's SO beautiful and well made.  In the past I tried so many times to buy some of Carla's amazing clothes but never was lucky, and now I WON this little dress and stockings. 
  I hope to be lucky in the future and score some more sets for my little ones. 
Thank you so much Carla and I wish you a full recovery! 

Little BonBon is the lucky one, she got the dress and stockings and I made a 'Baldie' helmet and leg warmers to match. :)

How cute is she!?!

And suddenly... just when I snapped the camera button... she toppled over.  I didn't know I could catch something that fast. Phew....



Bug Gerhls.

We had hail today. In a matter of minutes there was a giant carpet of hailstones outside.  And as if that wasn't enough, there was thunder and lightening too.  SO loud and heavy... one of my dogs was so scared, he was trembling the whole time and if he could (he ate too much doggy biscuits) he would have hidden under a closet.

So.... I took some pictures inside of my Bug Gerhls.  They decided to be girls for today. :)
The quality of the picture s*cks, but the Bugs are still TOO cute.



Look what happened.

You adopt a Pong, because you need a tad of happiness as a balance for all the grumpyness in your doll family.  You close your eyes for JUST a moment... and... look what happens. She invites her friends!!!!

BonBon(ChocoPuki Piki), Missy(Puki Lily) OmNom(Puki Pong) and Kizzy(sleeping Lily)

While I was taking this picture, my postman delivered another one, YAY!  This time I ordered directly from Fairyland on october 22nd, and she's already here.  Now I have to find someone to paint her and her sleeping face. :)

The pain is a little less, but still there.  I tried to sew a little but as I also suffer from CTS, I couldn't hold the needle, it's just too thin to hold. But I made a few Baldie Helmets, I can handle an ergonomic crochet hook for about 10 minutes.  Better than nothing!