Auntie Carla is Da Best!

Look what the mailman brought!!!  A wonderful outfit by the talented Carla Benham which was a giveaway and.... I WON!!!!  I WON!!!  
I still can't believe it.  
It's SO beautiful and well made.  In the past I tried so many times to buy some of Carla's amazing clothes but never was lucky, and now I WON this little dress and stockings. 
  I hope to be lucky in the future and score some more sets for my little ones. 
Thank you so much Carla and I wish you a full recovery! 

Little BonBon is the lucky one, she got the dress and stockings and I made a 'Baldie' helmet and leg warmers to match. :)

How cute is she!?!

And suddenly... just when I snapped the camera button... she toppled over.  I didn't know I could catch something that fast. Phew....


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  1. That is the cutest outfit ever! So lucky you caught her!!!