GiveAway ~ for P-girls ~~~Finished, thanks!

Thanks for playing, winner is #2, see printscreen below.  Stay tuned and come play again, I'll do another give away in a few weeks for Enyo or Person... winner can choose.


Everyone can play, but this giveaway is for P-dollies only.  I can not garantee it will fit for other dolls.  I know head gear for Persons is YOSD sized, but will there be a hat in this giveaway?  It will be a surprise, so.... come play and see. :)

As I said, everyone can join but it would be nice to see a picture of your doll in 'what you will get', so if you only have SD or Blythe dollies, that's cool too, but this giveaway will be useless and dissapointing for you and your doll.

All you have to do is leave a comment here and don't forget to add your email address.  I will use a generator to pick a winner and you can play till saturday, october 29th, 20.00 pm CEST
check your time here

Thanks for playing! :)

(this is only an announcement pic)
No need to feel guilty, ashamed... greedy or whatnot... if you've played and won before.  If I win some bucks with the weekly lottery, I'm playing again the next week too! :)


1 - Sharon
2 - Shershe
3 - Agnes
4 - samson
5 - oolookitty
6 - DarkStar
7 - Vainilladolly
8 - Nicola
9 - Angie
10 - Ann
11 - Pushindazees

And the winner izzzzzzzzz!!!!! Number 2 - Shershe


  1. Well I won last time so I really really should not be so greedy as to play again, but I'm prepared to put all 'shame' aside and be completely greedy and play again because I adore LoveOnTheRox outfits!!!!

  2. Thanks for playing Sharon, but please....no need to feel the way you feel!!! :))

  3. I'll play! My Mim is wearing a Love on the Rox outfit, but waiting for a new wig to arrive before we take photos. :)

  4. I am very happy to play !
    Penelope don't want to wear other outfit than Love on the Rox's !
    Do you think she's a fashion victim ?

  5. Thanks for playing, ladies!

    Sherri, I'm looking forward to seeing your Mim with her new wig. I bet she's going to get an immaculate hair cut! :)

    Agnes, I SO would like to see more pictures of your Penelope. I'm very honoured that she's satisfied with my sewing. ;)

  6. A very good friend of mine has two I want o say lovely ...well they are lovely but ....they have a barrell load of atitude ...persons !! So is it ok to enter ?

  7. Oh, I want to play! My Person has NO HATS. So... in case there is a hat involved... or even if there's not...

  8. A new Person has arrived here quite unexpectedly and is demanding clothes of her own! Please help!

  9. Oh Please! i want to play! Pinda and Kodama would LOVE (and fight over) one of yur lovely outfits! i have been totally in love with them since i discovered them! ^______^

  10. Samson; of course it's ok! Thank you for playing! :)
    oolookitty: Persons MUST be provided with hats! ;-)
    Darkstar: congrats on the new P-girl. :)
    Vainilladolly; thank you so much!

  11. OHHHH yes, i want to play!!! Ella needs a LoveOnTheRox outfit, too!! Nice idea as well, Thank you!!


  12. yes, my girl Pickle would love to win something from your range as her human is not too good at being quick...!

  13. I would love to play! I have two lovely Persons who are excited to join in the fun!

  14. Am I too late? I'm going to be in so much trouble! (Pushindazees)

  15. You're good! I was just checking, still 10 minutes to play. :)

  16. Squeee! Mim and I are so thrilled to have won!

  17. Congratulations Shershe! (Pushindazees)