Something very strange is going on.  I'd planned my bugs to be girls.  I bought them each 2 wigs, a bunch of shoes and I was planning on sewing girly girl clothes for them.  Now here's this weird thing; for some odd reason I simply can not put a wig on them, it's just not right to me.  I see owner pictures on Flickr of sweet Enyo girls with pink wigs and whatnot... and they are beautiful and cute... but my little critters won't let me transform them into either girls.... nor boys.

 They are beautiful and cute and adorable and amazing little... bugs. And they don't want hair at this moment.  For the very same reason I can not picture them with shoes,  I didn't even try to put shoes on, I just can't.  They are satisfied with their Poofy Rompers, their Bug Hats and of course Sloppy Socks to keep their little toes warm, NO shoes wanted and certainly not girly girl frilly clothes! :o

And what a Bug wants, a Bug gets.


Thank you all SO much for your requests for Enyo clothes.  Your warm comments and support is very much appreciated, it's amazing that so many people like my sewing so much. 
I'm sewing when and what I can, I stitch everything by hand, so it takes some time to finish a set. (and I have to sew for P-dollies too, I can't just ignore them ;-)  )

So, please read my 'about my sewing' page and know that I'm really enjoying my sewing and I will go on as long as I'm able to.

Mini shop update will be in a week or so... (depending... you know) I will have some sets for P-girls and for 'Da Bugs.  

Again, I can't write it enough: thank you, thank you, thank you! =:3



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