Bugs in da House.

So.... yesterday I received these amazing little Enyo bugs. Let me start with the boxes they came in. I never saw them so beautiful, there was a lot of love and effort involved to create such pretty boxes, same goes for the cushions. Well done, Laura.

These little critters are super cute, their skintones are both beautiful, the white skin isn't too white and the fresh skin is very pale which I'm pleased with also.  The face ups are pretty, executed well, but very basic.  It's a pitty their ears weren't touched with a little colour.  I really thought they came with eyes, but well... I thought wrong.  On the one hand... it would be nice if there were eyes included in the price, on the other hand: if there were acrlylics involved I would have replaced them anyway.

The headcaps are possibly improved, because the first release had headcaps that were loose on the little heads and had to be attached with tape.  This time the headcaps stay on without help, you have to slide them in place.  What really bothers me is that the little ones are VERY floppy, but really really loose strung and a very thin elastic was used, I think for the amount of money they cost, they should have been strung better, came with eyes and a less basic face up.

But 'that said' and in general these dolls are beautiful, they have the most cute faces I've seen in a long long time. I ADORE them.

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