My dollie wishlist for 2012

I think I'm not greedy, and my wishlist isn't too long... but two out of my three wishes will be quite impossible to find. I SO would like a LatiWhite Mystic Bayer... any... but if she was on a Puki Body, that would be a dollie dream come true... And another ChocoPuki. A Lily or a Rose would be wonderful. Or... if Fairyland would release other molds ChocoPukis, that would be great too.

I recently fell in love with ElfinDoll Bunny... I don't know why, I never was into bunnies, but it was instant magic. SOoooo... I ordered one today, YAY! It will take about 30 days but I learned to be patient over the years ;-)

My dollie wish is fulfilled for one third, whoot! <3

(pictures are obviously not mine, please let me know if you are uncomfortable with me using your lovey photos)


  1. Yay for ordering your bunny, they are so tiny and cute! I love Bayer too, she is on my ever increasing wishlist lol.

  2. Thank you, RA! I hope you find your little Bayer too! :)