Poofy Pants...

... and Helmets... none of these are 'finished'... I have to add 'stuff' to create the final 'look' but most of the work is done.  These are made for the Bugs and their siblings and I will put up lots of bright colours and some subtile colours too. :)
I will post more pictures and details soon.
My hand and wrist are much better. Still a little stiff and some movements are more difficult than others but overall I'm happy.  I can sew again... I can do most of my work in the house... the wound is ALMOST healed and the numbness and tingling are COMPLETELY gone... 
Life is good!

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  1. So HaPPy to see you back and creating and Pain Free - TiGGy is keeping the Healin Dusties coming for your continued recovery. Beautiful items Indeed!