Long Time No See!

I'm not going to make apologies for not blogging in a month.  I'm really not.  I see so many people write on their Blogs that they are 'SORRY' for not 'BEING a GOOD blogger'. That's okay, but I'm not going to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  Wait... no, sorry... I'm not sorry. ;-)

Some of you might think I'm not 'active' on Etsy or Flickr... or anywhere.  I'm still here, but I'm taking care of my husband, as he had a total knee prosthesis and he needs a lot of care.  His surgery was on july 9th, he's up and doing his excercises and and he can walk unsupported.  He's doing well.  

I'm not sewing or doing crochet at the moment but I will start again in the near future.

Anyhoooooo.... I got pictures from Caroline.  I sent her three of my dollies and I think they are about to come back home in a few days.  They only need some details and some gloss. 

Peyton, my Mystic Bayer

Flea; my LatiWhite Belle... FINALLY my teeny tiny one will be 'complete', after all the hassle with Lati. 

And my tiny WhiteSkin Bug

I can't wait to have them home!  Thank you so much, Caroline!


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