A Girl and her Tools.

I'm picking up spinning again.  I sold my wheel many moons ago... somewhere in the middle ages when people thought spinning was WEIRD, and the person doing it was even MORE weird.  Why the heck would one spin wool when you could buy yarn and threads in whatever colour and fiber you wanted!?
It makes me feel humble to see a 'fiber provider', animal or plant... and think: I was naked and you clothed me...

Spinning is relaxing, it keeps me busy... as I can not just sit and watch TV, I have to keep my hands moving.  And if you are spinning on a wheel, that will keep your feet/legs busy too, it never hurts to move your legs, right?   

So.... I'm looking to buy a new Spinning Wheel at the Wolboerderij event in August.  In the meanwhile I ordered a wonderful Tibetan Spindle and Bowl in pretty Pink Ivory and Cherry wood from the lovely Enid Ashcroft on Etsy.   It's a real work of art and I can't wait to have this beautiful tool home and start to spin.  I wonder if I still can manage a bit, will it be like riding a bycicle or swimming?  Or will I have to start all over and learn again.  We'll see.
(picture belongs to Enid)

I also ordered this amazing Hackle and Hand Combs from Beth and Eric but because of the high demand of these gorgeous tools there's at least a 12 weeks waiting time.   But hey... they will be well worth the wait and... as a doll collector I'm used to wait... and wait... and wait some more. ;-)

(pictures belong to BlueMountain Handcrafts)

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